Come and learn to look up words at a good clip! Don´t miss it! May 15th & 17th.


I was waiting for you! It´s good to see you again! Remember you may visit the library any time you want. Come and read with me! Here is 4th form LIBRARY AMBASSADOR on our 1st day!   Guadalupe Carniel  … Leer Más →

Halloween is coming!

Join the library for a ghost-theme Halloween celebration this year! Don´t miss Winnie the Witch in another night time adventure, and try making art on old pages. Bring a black marker and your crayons to draw an urban haunted house!!… Leer Más →


It´s been wonderful to share this 200 th celebration of the Crossing Of The Andes with you. Congrats to all participants; to those who so willingly joined the qualifying round and those who actually drew.

Celebrating International Book Day

Poor Duncan just wants to color. But when he opens his box of crayons, he finds only letters, all saying the same thing: We quit! Beige is tired of playing second fiddle to Brown. Blue needs a break from coloring… Leer Más →

Literature Circles

Do you know what a Literature Circle is? A Literature Circle is a group of readers who get together to discuss a piece of Literature from different points of view. Each reader shares his or her personal interpretation of a story or… Leer Más →

Are you ready to join in?

Dictionary skills

In the wonderful workshop we had on Dictionary Skills we watched this video and we learned about entry and guide words and also some quickest ways to see words in a dictionary.: You are invited to play these games too! Love,… Leer Más →

Book Club 26th May

Kids, remember that Miss Laura invited you to the Book Club. The book you have to read if you´re interested in participating is Sophie´s Rules, and I can tell you it´s amazing!!It deals with the social topic of bullying and… Leer Más →

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