The world & The class

Continents & Oceans

We´ve just started with Stories From Around The World and it is very important to know all the continents and oceans of our Planet! If you want you can play the games again to practise!

Final task “Story-Land”

We investigated about “Cinderella Around the World” and we located the countries in the map.

Homework – 23rd August

Watch this video about Taj Mahal all the times that you need and complete the following questions in “Homework”: Explain the reason for the creation of this beautiful monument How many years did the Taj Mahal take to be built?… Leer Más →

The 10 most poisonous animals!

Today we read The snake charmer, a story from India. In computing we visited a page about the 10 most poisonous animals in the world. In Edmodo we have some questions about those animals. If a box jellyfish attacks you, you have… Leer Más →

Cards Stories From Around The World

Kids, here you´ll find the cards of Stories From Around The World Project. Just complete the ones that we have done, not the new ones.

Stories from Around The World

This week we are starting a Mini-Project called Stories from Around The World. Here are the stories we selected from the book that gave name to this lovely and interesting project!

Hangout with Canada

Answers from Philippa Werry

Hello Newlands school Thank you for your video and all your good questions. It’s very exciting for me to think that you are reading my story all the way across the world in Argentina, so hola! Now I have some… Leer Más →

Locations of our virtual connections

In this interactive map you´ll see all the places we have connected with! We hope we meet lots of persons/schools by the end of the year

Meeting a famous author!

Philippa Werry, one of our favourite authors offered to talk to us about The day that Michael Made The News but as she is from New Zealand we cannot arrange a hangout for the time difference so… she is going… Leer Más →

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