Adventure-Land´s Final Task

We have worked a lot on Literature throughout the year so it was time to remember all the literary genres we have learned. This is the f t we made in pairs.  

Adventure-Land´s Final Task

We are finishing Adventure-Land, almost the last project of the year! And we have seen many genres up to now. Activity: You are going to make a slide for a cooperative Power Point. Each slide is going to deal with 1… Leer Más →

Yosemite National Park

We are also going to focus on National Parks during this project because they invite you to have many types of adventures with family and friends… Let´s learn about one National Park from the USA

Celebrating our writings!

We wrote a story about Moving Pictures. Then we made a front cover , we passed the 2nd draft to the book and we drew.Then we made a mini celebration where we read our stories and asked questions to the… Leer Más →

Welcome to Adventure-Land!

Medieval castles, knights, dangerous quests, magic pencils, a t-rex lost in the city and more will form part of our 4th project of the year. We invite you to have a look at this prezi presentation that deals with the… Leer Más →

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