Project Cards – Feelings

Book of feelings

In our project Situation-Land we worked a lot on “Feelings”. We got a feeling per pair and we had to write how we felt when we were for example depressed, what clothes we wear, what things we do etc. Read this… Leer Más →

What happens to our bodies when we are scared?

Kids here you will find 3 videos that explain the fight or flight stress response. Be careful with lions, dinosaurs and saber-toothed tigers!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES

Feelings Project: Social Experiment

En el área de TIC encaramos el proyecto “Feelings” partiendo de una actividad diferente, donde los chicos pudieran, a través del juego adquirir nuevos conocimientos, materializar ideas y conceptos, analizar el reto y formular una solución mediante la comprensión y… Leer Más →

Feelings and emotions

We work on different activities related to feelings and emotions.

FINAL TASK: Situation-Land

In our 1st project we worked on topics such as clothes, feelings and emotions. The students created avatars representing different feelings and described their appearence.  

Feelings and Emotions

Durante el proyecto Situation Land, los chicos analizan tres historias que narran situaciones de la vida cotidiana, y permiten explorar diferentes sentimientos que experimentan los personajes. A través del proyecto, vemos “feelings and emotions”, “clothes”, “materials”, “collocations”, “verb to be… Leer Más →

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