final task

Adventure-Land´s Final Task

We have worked a lot on Literature throughout the year so it was time to remember all the literary genres we have learned. This is the f t we made in pairs.  

Norman Times: “Mini” Final task

We made Online Timelines on Norman Times to explain the Norman Invasion. Click to access the folder that belongs to your group!                      

Final task “Story-Land”

We investigated about “Cinderella Around the World” and we located the countries in the map.

Fable-Land’s Final Task

The Final Task of this beautiful project was to create a fable. We illustrated it using Storyboardthat and we published it using Google Slides! 4th Blue 4th Green

FINAL TASK: Situation-Land

In our 1st project we worked on topics such as clothes, feelings and emotions. The students created avatars representing different feelings and described their appearence.  

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