Homework for Wednesday 5th September

Fact: a piece of information that is real Opinion: what you think/believe 2) In what biome do these animals live? 3) Make a spidermap describing the jaguar.

Homework for the 3rd of July

1) Complete these online activities on rooms and furniture. 2)Click this green button 3) Enter the password to enter: newlands05 4) Record a video of your favourite part of your house and explaining why you like it YOU MUST USE VOCABULARY ON ROOMS… Leer Más →

Homework for the 18th June

1) Copy this list of family members in “Homework”, learn them and write their meaning. Father – dad Mother – mum son daughter Sister Brother siblings : when you have sister(s) and brother(s) Grandmother – grandma grandfather – grandpa uncle… Leer Más →

Homework for the 20th March

Homework for the 2nd October

Watch this video carefully, copy the tasks in “Homework” and solve the tasks. Write the definition of continent. How many continents are there according to this video? Make a list of the continent in this order: from the biggest to… Leer Más →

Homework for the 19th September

Read the text as many times as you need. Then copy the questions and answer them in “Homework” section of the folder.

Homework for the 10th July

Read the text and solve the tasks. 2) Underline verbs in Past. Make a list of Regular verbs and one of Irregular. 3) Visualize Amber and his dad doing the gardening. Draw the situation, include dialogue! 4) Pay attention to… Leer Más →

Homework for the 5th June


Homework for the 22nd May

Print this text read it carefully. Stick it in Homework and complete the task.

Homework for the 24th April

Read this text carefully. Then copy the questions in Homework and answer them in full form.

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