Stories Around The World

Cards Around The World

Kids, here you´ll find the cards of Stories From Around The World Project. Complete the ones that you don´t have.

A story from France

We have been reading tales from a nice book entitled “Stories From Around The World”; one story from each continent. We have also watched this video. Please enjoy it!  

Homework – 23rd August

Watch this video about Taj Mahal all the times that you need and complete the following questions in “Homework”: Explain the reason for the creation of this beautiful monument How many years did the Taj Mahal take to be built?… Leer Más →

Indian Culture

The 10 most poisonous animals!

Today we read The snake charmer, a story from India. In computing we visited a page about the 10 most poisonous animals in the world. In Edmodo we have some questions about those animals. If a box jellyfish attacks you, you have… Leer Más →

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