Stone age

Let’s watch a video that explains how people lived many years ago! Puzzle time! Put the prehistoric pieces into the right order. Now, you have a mission. You have to help Unk to find food.  

Spring is here!

We can classify rubbish

Click on the objects and drag them to the right bin!

Healthy Food

Dora visit the dentist.   Healthy or unhealthy?   Sort the foods into the correct food groups!

Parts of the body

Project: “Fantastic Families on TV” Site: Welcome to activity Forest Site: Angles 365 Site: Learn English Kids – British Council Site: Angles 365

My Make Believe Castle

Project: Families in fairy tales Desde el área de TIC, elegimos el soft “Mi Castillo de Fantasía”, para trabajar en el proyecto. Realizamos actividades de creación, programación, resolución problemas y ejercicios de memoria. ¡Fue muy divertido!  


Choose the sound and make words! Do it as many times as you want. Let’s play with the sounds!


Short vowel sound recognition.    


Find the word that contains the sound mentioned!

Goldilocks and the three bears

We watched the story of Goldilocks and the three bears. Then, we created a “Five finger retell” poster.  

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