Christmas time!

My neighbourhood!

Listen to the story and get ready to help!     Let’s save the park! Neighbour day! Let’s travel in the lorry!

Halloween Week

Activity with Augmented Reality The Scary skeleton! SONG! Listen and follow this scary story: The haunted house. Now, let’s play.  

Stone Age craft!

1st Green painted Stone Age rocks. The results were awesome! Stone Age on PhotoPeach

Stone age

Let’s watch a video that explains how people lived many years ago! Puzzle time! Put the prehistoric pieces into the right order. Now, you have a mission. You have to help Unk to find food.

Spring is here!

We create pencil case recycled material

Little Makers A menudo hablamos de cómo los estudiantes deben ser dueños de su propio aprendizaje, pero si el alumno no tiene el control, no pueden hacerlo. La filosofía maker se basa en la idea de que cada uno de… Leer Más →

We can classify rubbish

Click on the objects and drag them to the right bin!

Healthy Food

Dora visit the dentist.   Healthy or unhealthy?   Sort the foods into the correct food groups!

Parts of the body

Project: “Fantastic Families on TV” Site: Welcome to activity Forest Site: Angles 365 Site: Learn English Kids – British Council Site: Angles 365

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