Project Work

Goldilocks and the three bears

We watched the story of Goldilocks and the three bears. Then, we created a “Five finger retell” poster.  

The three little pigs

We watched the story of the Three little pigs and drew the characters and the settings on the board. Then, we listened to the song and sang along!  

Let’s compare the stories!

Let’s share this story…  

Little Red Riding Hood

We watched the story of Little Red Riding Hood Then, we completed a mindmap on the board. We included the characters, the setting and the main events.  

Families in fairy tales

1st form has started a new project about families in fairy tales! We’ll read lots of classic tales and compare the families that appear in each of them. We’ll have lots of fun. Miss Luli and Miss Annie.    

Making mache paper

Let’s watch a video thtat explains how to make mache paper. We’ll also help the planet by re-using paper!

Ideal habitat for leopards.

Leopards are in danger of extinction and 1st green decided to create their ideal habitat!

Making connections!

We had a beautiful conversation with Miss Tammy and her class. We talked about local animals, endangered animals and showed how much we know about habitats. It was a great experience!

A habitat for our leopards!

Kids in 1st form know that a habitat is like a home for animals. There they can find water, a shelter, food and air. We created a perfect place for our leopards!        

We made leopards!

1st blue has been working with the concept of ¨Endangered animals¨. We learnt a lot about those animals. We  made our own leopards out of paper tubes, yellow paint and lots of coloured paper. Finally, each kid described it orally…. Leer Más →

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