Project Work

Spring is here!


We can classify rubbish.

Click on the objects and drag them to the right bin!    

Let’s keep our planet clean.

Let’s go green! We will learn a lot about how to reduce waste and keep our planet clean. We can all go GREEN! Peppa Pig’s family also recycles! Do you recycle at school? Do you recycle at home?

New project! Let’s go GREEN!

Watch the video. What does it mean to be green? Are you green? What do you do to help?  

Recycling is fun!!!

Sort out rubbish into the correct bin. Click on the picture and play. Remember to use the correct bin.

Let’s learn about llamas!


Watch the video and learn about them!    

Welcome to the Jungle


Let’s sing together!

Walking in the jungle! We are not afraid! Let’s see what animals we meet in the jungle….

Arts and crafts! Giraffes!

After reading the story Giraffes can´t dance, we made beautiful paper  giraffes!

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