Welcome to the Jungle


Let’s sing together!

Walking in the jungle! We are not afraid! Let’s see what animals we meet in the jungle….

Arts and crafts! Giraffes!

After reading the story Giraffes can´t dance, we made beautiful paper  giraffes!

Wild Animals

  Sitio: Anglomaniacy.pl Sitio: Africam  Sitio: ESL GAME + Sitio: Learn English Kids – British Council Sitio: ESL GAME +

All about Giraffes!!

We are learning about animals, let’s learn about giraffes in the African plains! Parts of the body Watch the videos.    

Giraffes can’t dance

Let’s enjoy this story together! Watch and listen. Can animals dance?   Has anybody ever helped you learn how to do something new?

We play with animals

Animals Everywhere!

We’ve started a new project about animals. Let’s learn this new song: The Itsy Bitsy Monkey

Monkeys here, monkeys there!

Let’s enjoy this story together. and here are monkeys….


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