Ideal habitat for leopards.

Leopards are in danger of extinction and 1st green decided to create their ideal habitat!

Making connections!

We had a beautiful conversation with Miss Tammy and her class. We talked about local animals, endangered animals and showed how much we know about habitats. It was a great experience!

A habitat for our leopards!

Kids in 1st form know that a habitat is like a home for animals. There they can find water, a shelter, food and air. We created a perfect place for our leopards!        

Let’s keep on playing with animals!

  Izzie needs some help! She has to find animals for her new movie. Can you help her? Let’s explore the ocean. Listen and guess the animal.  

Animals and their habitat.

We watched this video and talked about the meaning of the word habitat! Finally, we made a list of habitats and animals that live there.

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