U.S.A National Pet Day

1st form celebrated National Pet Day and made a beautiful poster!

Making connections!

We talked to Mr. Andrew and got to know his class. Here they are!  

Monkey puzzle

We listened to the story “Monkey puzzle”. Then, we talked about the parts of the body. Finally, kids labelled the picture of the main character.

Another pet

  We used MyOn to listen to the story “Another pet”. Then, we discussed which animals we can have as pets and which ones we can’t. Kids loved this story!    

Our pets!

The kids brought a picture of their pets and wrote a short description! Miss Luli and Miss Annie made a huge poster, so the whole school could get to know 1st graders’ pets.

Animals from end to end

1st graders have started a new project! It is about animals. Kids will focus on 3 perspectives: Individual: Pets Local: Argentinian animals Global: Animals of the world We’ll have lots of fun and make online connections with different schools from… Leer Más →

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