sea animals

More activities about sea animals

Let’s watch this story together   Let’s sing together Now we can play with sea animals:

CD Fish – by 1st green

We created colourful fish for our classroom aquarium.

Under the sea….. Let’s keep on working!

Listen to the song: Everything beneath the sea. What sea creatures can you see? Listen and colour the animals: Use the net to catch sea animals, but be careful with sharks!!! and finally play a memory game! Create an Aquarium

Our first hangout!

After diving into the world of sea animals, we had our first hangout! We learnt many instresting facts about sharks and enjoyed it a lot!

Our yellow Submarine – 1st Green

We enjoyed our yellow submarine, click below to watch the video! Movie Maker: Yellow Submarine 1st green – Diapositivas

1st Blue Artists!

We had lots of fun creating our own sea turtles!

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