Hi kids! Here you have some links to practice for the Language and Project exam. These are not mandatory exercises, but they are extra practice if you need them 😉

In all the cases, first you have an explanation and at the end of the page a lot of exercises.

  1. Present simple and present continuous: click here
  2. Past simple and past continuous: click here
  3. Future forms: click here
  4. Present perfect: click here
  5. Past simple vs. present perfect: click here
  6. Passive voice: click here
  7. Conditional 1: click here
  8. Question formation (word order and auxiliaries): click here
  9. Auxiliaries: click here

Remember that for the skills exams (Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing) you DON’T need to study. 

We are almost done with everything… you can do it! 😀