In this new Project called The Time Machine we are going to learn about a very important family in British history: The Tudors!

We’ll start this project by locating The Tudors in time and place. First, take a look at the map and find England and Wales. Then, think about these questions: What is the “United Kingdom”? Which countries are a part of it? Did the UK exist in ancient times?


Next, click on the image below to access the website Primary Homework Help and discover more about the Tudor period. Concentrate on the monarchs and the passing of time. Try to answer these questions: Who were the Tudors? How many monarchs were there in the Tudor family? Who reigned the longest and who reigned the shortest?

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Then, we’ll continue with some very interesting research. We’ll  investigate about different topics connected to life in Tudor times and we’ll make presentations in groups. Let’s get started! 🙂