NPHC: Jena’s visit was a success!

On Tuesday we received the much awaited visit from Jena Ball, author and illustrator of The Not Perfect Hat Club! We asked and answered questions, we learnt how to draw Newton, and we discussed some really interesting ideas and reflections… Leer Más →

NPHC: Getting ready for Jena’s visit!

Jena’s visiting us next week! We’ve been very busy… and we’re finally ready! These are the questions we would like to ask her: Are you similar to Miss Jenaia? How long did you take to write the novel? How did… Leer Más →

Literature circles material

Hi kids! As you know, we have been working on specific roles in our literature circles. You can find the material for your role uploaded to our Edmodo group or you can find them here. Don’t forget to complete the… Leer Más →

Important! Checking students’ blogs

Hi kids! We’ve been working on lots of productions, and we’ve been uploading them to the Students’ blogs. So… it’s time to check if everything is there!   These are the entries you should have: Helping Hands: -A comic strip:… Leer Más →

Welcome back!

We hope you enjoyed your winter holidays! Now it’s time to come back to school and… continue working with our Not Perfect Hat Club project read more about Newton’s adventures: what’s going to happen to him? reflect about our big… Leer Más →

Mid Year Integration Activities!

Dear Families, Durante el mes de julio realizaremos las actividades de integración de mitad de año (Mid-year Integration Activities).   A continuación enviamos las fechas: Speaking: a lo largo de la semana (del 3/7 al 7/7, puede extenderse a la… Leer Más →

Sing a Song of People by Lois Lenski

Lois Linski Sing a Song of People Sing a song of people Walking fast or slow; People in the city, Up and down they go. People on the sidewalk, People on the bus; People passing, passing, In back and front… Leer Más →

Reflecting about 2016

It’s the end of the year, and it’s time for reflection… Think about these questions and write your answers in your personal blog:  1. What were your favourite activities/ projects this year, and why? 2. What is the most important thing… Leer Más →

Christmas Assembly!

This year we’ll prepare some nice songs for our Christmas Assembly! Take a look and sing along 😉 Rockin’ around the Chirstmas Tree / Jingle Bell Rock All I want for Christmas is you – version by Mariah Carey &… Leer Más →

Alien Travel Agency Week 3: Solar System Presentations

Our Investigation about The Solar System is coming to an end! Here are our presentations: enjoy them! 😀  

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