Final Integration Activities 2017

Dear families, A lo largo de las próximas semanas tendremos nuestras Final Integration Activities. Las fechas son las siguientes: –Speaking: Del lunes 13 al jueves 23 de noviembre (aproximadamente) –Writing: Martes 21 de noviembre –Listening: Lunes 27 de noviembre –Reading: Martes 28 de noviembre –Language… Leer Más →

Halloween celebration 2017

Look! Here we have some photos and videos of the great celebration Senior School prepared for us on October 31st. Enjoy! Click on the picture below to see the full almbum 😉

5th Blue’s Open Class 2017

Hi families, and welcome to our Open Class! We’re really excited to have you here to share our work 😀 We hope you’ll enjoy it and learn a lot in the process, too! First, let’s watch an introductory video: And… Leer Más →

Invitation: 5th Blue’s Open Class!

Hi families! We’re so glad to invite you to our Open Class 😀

Cards: The Time Machine – Shakespeare & Romeo and Juliet

Here is the second set of cards for this Project. You can download and print them if you want. 🙂 Click here to find the new cards about William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet and Literary Devices.    

Presentations: Life in Tudor Times & Tudor Monarchs -By 5th Blue

Look at some pictures of the great presentations you made! Congratulations! 😀 Click here to see your work on Life in Tudor Times. Click here to see your work on Tudor Monarchs.  

Cards: The Time Machine – The Tudors

Hi kids! Here you have the Cards for the first part of the Project. You can copy them at school or you can print them if you’d like. Click here for Cards 1, 2 and 3: Tudor Monarchs Click here… Leer Más →

Extra Activities Booklet

Hi kids! Some of you have received an Extra Activities Booklet to help you revise and improve your skills. The booklet will be divided in weekly sets. You will practise grammar, reading, writing, and listening. For the listening comprehension activities,… Leer Más →

New Flipgrid Discussions: #GEOblitz

Hi kids! Have a look at this really interesting and fun Flipgrid board made by Learn Around the World teacher Brandon Hall (GEO Brandon). Brandon has been a friend of Newlands School ever since the beginning of the Institutional Project… Leer Más →

New Project: The Tudors and Shakespeare

We are starting a new project that is called The Time Machine: The Tudors and Shakespeare. In this exciting project, we’ll learn about a very important family in British history: The Tudors. And in the second part of our project, we’ll… Leer Más →

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