Reduce, Reuse, Recycle by Jack Johnson

A great song to remember our 3Rs! 😉  

Analysing Romeo and Juliet: some productions

We have been working really hard on our analysis of the play and its adaptations. Here are some of the collaborative productions we have done in class. Click on the pictures to see the detailed albums.

Point of View and Character Analysis

We have been discussing the concept of Point of View as the narrator’s position to tell the story. However, this concept is also connected to the characters in the story, and how their perspective allows them to have a different… Leer Más →

Point of view

Hi kids! We’ve been working on different elements for literary analysis. One of them is POINT OF VIEW. Look at this video and focus on the examples. They will help you understand the different types of point of you we’ve… Leer Más →

Final Integration Activities 2017

Dear families, A lo largo de las próximas semanas tendremos nuestras Final Integration Activities. Las fechas son las siguientes: –Speaking: Del lunes 13 al jueves 23 de noviembre (aproximadamente) –Writing: Martes 21 de noviembre –Listening: Lunes 27 de noviembre –Reading: Martes 28 de noviembre –Language… Leer Más →

References to Shakespeare in Gnomeo and Juliet

After watching the film Gnomeo and Juliet, pay attention to these really interesting details that reference Shakespeare’s works in it: Look closely at the address where the two families live. Verona Drive of course refers to the City of Verona. And… Leer Más →

5th Green’s Open Class 2017

Welcome to our open class. Let’s watch this video to introduce the topic for today’s class: Presentation Now, let’s get started. Good Luck!

Halloween celebration 2017

Look! Here we have some photos and videos of the great celebration Senior School prepared for us on October 31st. Enjoy! Click on the picture below to see the full almbum 😉

5th Blue’s Open Class 2017

Hi families, and welcome to our Open Class! We’re really excited to have you here to share our work 😀 We hope you’ll enjoy it and learn a lot in the process, too! First, let’s watch an introductory video: And… Leer Más →

You’re invited to our open class!! 5th Blue

Dear Families: We hope to see you next Monday in our classroom!

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