Conditionals: some practice!

Hi kids! We have been working on conditionals last week and we are having a challenge soon. Here we upload two videos that will help you when you study. Also, we leave some links for you to practice at home!… Leer Más →

Describing People

Hi kids! You had to read a book from MyOn and describe one of the characters of the story you chose. Do you remember? Here, there’s a video with lots of words that can help you to enrich your descriptions…. Leer Más →

Introducing the Tudors!

In this new Project called The Time Machine we are going to learn about a very important family in British history: The Tudors! We’ll start this project by locating The Tudors in time and place. First, take a look at the map and find England and Wales…. Leer Más →

Share your ideas!!

HI KIDS! This week you were slam poets!! and it was amazing!! We want you to share your poems with the rest of the class! So, practice a lot and then recite it in the flipgrid platform. Follow the link… Leer Más →

Slam poetry!

In chapter 9 we read Jabber’s slam poem. We liked it a lot, and we realised it was very powerful! Let’s see some characteristics of Slam Poetry: Slam Poetry is a kind of oral poetry: it’s written to be recited and… Leer Más →

Welcome back!

Hi kids! we hope you have enjoyed your holidays a lot!! Now, with lots of new energy, it’s time to start with the second part of our project. Let’s do it!!  

Cards: The Not Perfect Hat Club

    Hi Kids ! These are the vocabulary cards for this project. If you have to finish some of them you can download them and print them so you don’t have to copy 🙂   NPH Cards  

Oral MIAs

Hi kids! We are going to test your oral skills through the Flipgrid platform. Here are the instructions you should follow. Read them thoroughly and let us know if you have any doubt. Instructions: VIDEO1: You should work individually. Talk… Leer Más →

Let’s Practice!

Hi kids! As you know, we are having our Mid Integrations Activities next week. In case you want to practice, we uploaded some exercises together with some grammar rules. If you need any help or if any doubt crops up,… Leer Más →

NPHC: Chapter 5 Vocabulary

To continue working with vocabulary, click here to edit the Padlet wall on Chapter 5. Below you can see the finished wall:    

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