“Helping the Environment” Video

  Hi Kids ! We want to share with you the video that we recorded when we finished the project “Helping the Environment” We hope you enjoy it and share it with your family and friends ! 🙂 Miss Jime… Leer Más →

Home Connection 3

Follow the link and tell us: Pets! Can you share something about pets? Have you got a pet? How does it behave? Which things make it special for you? You don’t have one? Why not? Would you like to have… Leer Más →

Waiting for your responses in Flipgrid!

Hi Kids! We invite you to follow the link and give us your opinions. Remember to share it with your family and invite them to participate too! Read the questions carefully and follow the instructions to record your responses. FLIPGRID… Leer Más →

New Project: The not Perfect Hat Club!!

We are starting a new project this week! This project is called “The Not Perfect Hat Club”. In this project we’ll read a novel that is called the same, by author Jena Ball. We will discuss a lot of topics,… Leer Más →

Home connection

Hi kids!! As we talked in class today, you will have to do this at home, because we want to listen to your voices and know your opinions about different topics. Let’s start with the following: Introduce yourself in and… Leer Más →

Let’s practise !

Hi Kids ! We want to share some excercises for you to practise Simple Present at home. You have to follow this link:  and read carefully the Grammar Rule before playing the games. We hope you have fun and practise… Leer Más →

Verse Competition

Hi Kids ! We want to share with you the audio of the Poem “What I Like” By Tony Bradman. Miss Silvia recorded it so you can practice your pronunciation and intonation. Poem Audio   Remember that we are getting… Leer Más →

What’s your electric personality?

Hello kids ! We have a challenge for you to do at home: discover what your electric personality is and share your results in the comments ! 🙂 Follow this link and answer the questions, good luck ! What is… Leer Más →

We are scientists!

Last week we worked like real scientists! We worked with unknown objects and, based on observation and deep analysis, we made hypothesis. What is it? What is it for? How does it work? This week we’ll test our hypothesis and… Leer Más →

Cards: Ubble in Trouble

These are the Reading cards for this project. Download them and save them in your pendrives. You can print them if you want, so you don’t have to copy 😉 ubble_in_trouble_cards Ubble in Trouble story  

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