Thank you kids and Miss Male for joining the Library in this ghost-themed Halloween celebration. I´m sure you enjoyed The Story of Shiverham Hall, by Rusell Punter. Remember the rest the book is available in the library for you to read… Leer Más →


It´s been wonderful to share this 200 th celebration of the Crossing Of The Andes with you. Congrats to all participants; to those who so willingly joined the qualifying round and those who actually drew.

Literature circles material

Hi kids! As you know, we have been working on specific roles in our literature circles. You can find the material for your role uploaded to our Edmodo group or you can find them here. Don’t forget to complete the… Leer Más →

Don´t miss what your mates wrote!

You will find poems written by some 5th & 6th form students who were inspired by inspiring author.

HO with author Mariana Llanos

More about More about Patricia Reilly Giff; the author of Love Until It Hurts

Literature Circles on Mother Teresa

Selection Summary  Mother Teresa sees need everywhere. Noticing dying people lying in the streets, she fights for a place to take them where they can die clean and loved. At first there is opposition to her efforts, but as the… Leer Más →

Sing a Song of People by Lois Lenski

Lois Linski Sing a Song of People Sing a song of people Walking fast or slow; People in the city, Up and down they go. People on the sidewalk, People on the bus; People passing, passing, In back and front… Leer Más →

Celebrate Poetry Month

Every April, on Poem In Your Pocket Day, people throughout the United States celebrate poetry by selecting a poem, carrying it with them, and sharing it with someone they like throughout the day.              … Leer Más →

Are you ready to join in?

Miss Laura.

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