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5th Green’s Global Children’s rights presentations

This is the collaborative presentation we did in 5th Green. Take a look at it and make comments!

Sing a Song of People by Lois Lenski

Lois Linski Sing a Song of People Sing a song of people Walking fast or slow; People in the city, Up and down they go. People on the sidewalk, People on the bus; People passing, passing, In back and front… Leer Más →

#globalrj BIG NEWS: The Final Tasks are ready!

Would you like to see the final productions of Romeo and Juliet around the World? On this interactive map from the #globalrj blog you can find some of them! Just place the mouse on the image and all the dots… Leer Más →

Celebrating Halloween

This week, we are celebrating Halloween at school. But… exactly what are we celebrating? To discover the answer to this question, we are using the following resources. First, let’s see if you remember some basic vocabulary connected to this day! Watch… Leer Más →

#globalrj: Final Tasks

As we are approaching the end of “Romeo and Juliet Around the World” (#globalrj project), we need to start talking about the Final Tasks. Here you have some information about them, taken from the Project Blog. Final Individual Class Task:… Leer Más →

Open Class: 5th Blue

Welcome families! In our open class, we’ll share with the families some of the work we have been doing in the context of The  Time Machine Project, and the global project that is included in it: Romeo and Juliet Around… Leer Más →

#globalrj Week 5: Connecting classes

In week 5 of #globalrj we focused on connecting our class with other classes in the project… and we were absolutely successful! We had two connections: -a videoconference with the class from Texas, who are in 2nd form. You can read… Leer Más →

#globalrj Week 5: Finishing our own version!

We are already in Week 5 of #globalrj!  We are going to finish our adaptation of Romeo and Juliet. For this, follow the set of instructions below. Instructions: Access Edmodo and find your shared documents with the summaries you made… Leer Más →

#globalrj Week 4: Dance Challenge!

This week we are also working with the #dancechallenge proposed by Miss Belén, from Palermo 😉 5th formers in Adrogue are getting ready to record their video for the #dancechallenge! @mabealfe @vivilopez2 #globalrj — Malena Acco (@Malena_Acco) 6 de octubre… Leer Más →

#globalrj Week 4: Our own version of R&J!

This week in #globalrj, our first objective is to create our OWN version of Romeo and Juliet! Read a funny comic adaptation about R&J: click here to see the website. It has many more funny Shakespeare summaries and other related… Leer Más →

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