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NPHC: Our Not Perfect Songs!

In chapter 12, Kylee and Jabber came up with their own song for the Not Perfect Hat Club team. Now, we’re going to work in groups to make our own versions of that song! We’ll create the music and add… Leer Más →

Be part of The Not Perfect Team!

After reading Chapter 10, we agreed on a good definition of “Not Perfect” and we thought of all the concepts that are connected to this idea. Having this in mind, design your own uniforms (t-shirts and caps) for The Not… Leer Más →

Recibimos una visita

El jueves 24 de agosto nos visitó Luján,representante de la Empresa Ledesma.Ella nos brindó una interesante charla sobre cómo producen productos naturales y renovables, su materia prima y cómo durante esos procesos, además, cuidan los recursos naturales, producen energía renovable… Leer Más →

NPHC: Good Sportsmanship

After reading chapter 10, we’ll work on several topics: We’ll go back to our initial questions about Perfection/ Imperfection and Tolerance to see what new ideas this chapter gives us. We’ll analyse the phrase “Practice makes perfect” and the opposite… Leer Más →

NPHC: Slam Poetry!

In chapter 9 we read Jabber’s slam poem. We liked it a lot, and we realised it was very powerful! Let’s see some characteristics of Slam Poetry: Slam Poetry is a kind of oral poetry: it’s written to be recited… Leer Más →

NPHC: Flyball!

We have read chapter 8 of the novel and now we know a bit more about Flyball. We’re going to watch a few videos to see this sport in real life! Watch and pay attention to the elements of the… Leer Más →

A Song: With my own two hands, by Jack Johnson

Let’s listen to a song connected both to Environmental Management and Helping Hands. First, listen to the song once. Take down notes about what you understand. Second, listen again while you read the lyrics. What are the main messages of… Leer Más →

Important! Checking students’ blogs

Hi kids! We’ve been working on lots of productions, and we’ve been uploading them to the Students’ blogs. So… it’s time to check if everything is there!   These are the entries you should have: Helping Hands: -A comic strip:… Leer Más →

NPHC: Learning from our mistakes

After reading Chapter 7, we´ll reflect about the title: “My person made me do it”. Why does Newton think that “his person” made him act like that? How is Carl responsible? How is Newton responsible? Next, we will reflect and discuss… Leer Más →

NPHC: Character infographics (Part 2)

We have already worked with two very important characters in the NPHC family: Newton and Midge. (You can see the task here). Now, we’re going to make some new infographics about two other important characters: Jabber and Kylee, “the snowflake… Leer Más →

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