Character Description

Describing People

Hi kids! You had to read a book from MyOn and describe one of the characters of the story you chose. Do you remember? Here, there’s a video with lots of words that can help you to enrich your descriptions…. Leer Más →

Analysing Romeo and Juliet: some productions

We have been working really hard on our analysis of the play and its adaptations. Here are some of the collaborative productions we have done in class. Click on the pictures to see the detailed albums.

Point of View and Character Analysis

We have been discussing the concept of Point of View as the narrator’s position to tell the story. However, this concept is also connected to the characters in the story, and how their perspective allows them to have a different… Leer Más →

NPHC: characters’ descriptions

While reading The Not Perfect Hat Club, we have been working with description of characters. Here you can see some of our work. Kylee Jabber Newton Midge Ms Jenaia  Carl

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