Waiting for your responses in Flipgrid!

Hi Kids! We invite you to follow the link and give us your opinions. Remember to share it with your family and invite them to participate too! Read the questions carefully and follow the instructions to record your responses. FLIPGRID… Leer Más →

A story about solidarity

Hi kids! Today we will read this story about solidarity. It is called “A village on the road”. Follow the link, read the story and mark its different parts. You can highlight them using different colours. Good Luck! A village… Leer Más →

Celebrating Halloween

This week, we are celebrating Halloween at school. But… exactly what are we celebrating? To discover the answer to this question, we are using the following resources. First, let’s see if you remember some basic vocabulary connected to this day! Watch… Leer Más →

#globalrj Week 3: Original text and adaptations

This week in #globalrj we are focusing on the original text of Romeo and Juliet, learning about the characteristics of a play, the language in Shakespeare’s times and many more interesting facts. We are also comparing this to many possible adaptations… Leer Más →

#globalrj Week 2: A Timeline about Shakespeare’s life

Here is a digital timeline we made about Shakespeare’s life, using a tool called HSTRY. We’ll share it with other classes and try to collaborate with them to make it more interesting and complete!    

Helping Hands: a school needs our help

There is a rural school in Corrientes that needs our help. They need school supplies, shoes, clothes, school books (like the ones you use for Spanish classes, maybe those you used last year…), toys, and even cooking elements. Click here to… Leer Más →

Spring Day Celebration!

Today we celebrated Spring Day at school, and here are some photos… as you can see, we had LOTS of fun! 😉 Click here to see the full album… and keep on celebrating spring! And click here to see a… Leer Más →

#globalrj Week 2: Romeo and Juliet

We are now working on Week 2 of our #globalrj Global Project! We have watched an interactive video of a tour at The Globe Theatre! We are also working specifically on the play Romeo and Juliet, and the concept of… Leer Más →

#globalrj Week 1: Shakespeare

Romeo and Juliet Around the World has already started!! Some weekly updates: -We are doing some research about Shakespeare in groups. We are also working on Shakespeare’s timeline. -We can see our classes in the #globalrj blog! We can also learn… Leer Más →

William Shakespeare’s life

Today we worked with a video about William Shakespeare’s life, from the British Council’s website. We discussed the most important information, we made connections with the Project, and we reflected about a big question: Why do we read Shakespeare’s plays… Leer Más →

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