To feel at peace…ommmm

Hi kids! We have talked a lot about peace and what it means to each of us. We created our own peace symbols and we discussed the history of those that we already knew. We would like to listen to… Leer Más →

Share your ideas!!

HI KIDS! This week you were slam poets!! and it was amazing!! We want you to share your poems with the rest of the class! So, practice a lot and then recite it in the flipgrid platform. Follow the link… Leer Más →

Home Connection 3

Follow the link and tell us: Pets! Can you share something about pets? Have you got a pet? How does it behave? Which things make it special for you? You don’t have one? Why not? Would you like to have… Leer Más →

Home connection

Hi kids!! As we talked in class today, you will have to do this at home, because we want to listen to your voices and know your opinions about different topics. Let’s start with the following: Introduce yourself in and… Leer Más →

New Flipgrid discussion: Characters’ point of view – Romeo and Juliet

Hi kids! Upload your videos to this topic on Flipgrid so we can all see and comment on them. Enjoy! 🙂

New Flipgrid Discussions: #GEOblitz

Hi kids! Have a look at this really interesting and fun Flipgrid board made by Learn Around the World teacher Brandon Hall (GEO Brandon). Brandon has been a friend of Newlands School ever since the beginning of the Institutional Project… Leer Más →

NPHC: Flipgrid discussions

Here are the different Flipgrid discussions that we have had about the Not Perfect Hat Club. Enjoy! 🙂  

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