Helping Hands

Cards: Ubble in Trouble

These are the Reading cards for this project. Download them and save them in your pendrives. You can print them if you want, so you don’t have to copy 😉 ubble_in_trouble_cards Ubble in Trouble story  

A Song: With my own two hands, by Jack Johnson

Let’s listen to a song connected both to Environmental Management and Helping Hands. First, listen to the song once. Take down notes about what you understand. Second, listen again while you read the lyrics. What are the main messages of… Leer Más →

Important! Checking students’ blogs

Hi kids! We’ve been working on lots of productions, and we’ve been uploading them to the Students’ blogs. So… it’s time to check if everything is there!   These are the entries you should have: Helping Hands: -A comic strip:… Leer Más →

Helping Hands: Final Task!

As the end of the Project comes nearer, we are going to prepare a very special Final Task. In groups, we’ll use the devices to record videos to share all the activities that we have been doing in this project. Each… Leer Más →

5th Green’s Global Children’s rights presentations

This is the collaborative presentation we did in 5th Green. Take a look at it and make comments!

Children’s Rights Around the World: Presentations

After analysing the map and the information on Humanium.org, here are the presentations the different groups made. Well done!  

Children’s rights around the world

Let’s compare the situation of children’s rights around the world. Look at the map and discuss: MAP -Which countries respect children’s rights the most? -Which countries are the worst in relation to children’s rights? -What is Argentina’s situation? How does… Leer Más →

A story about solidarity

Hi kids! Today we will read this story about solidarity. It is called “A village on the road”. Follow the link, read the story and mark its different parts. You can highlight them using different colours. Good Luck! A village… Leer Más →

Writing: Superheroes for Children’s Rights

We’re writing a comic strip! The objective is to write a comic about one right of the children that isn’t respected, and a superhero who solves this problem. The comic strip must have 5 vignettes, one for each part of… Leer Más →

Children’s rights: A mural

Now that we know about Children’s rights, we’re going to share our opinion about them in a collaborative mural using a tool called Padlet. Here’s the mural that we’ll work on. You’ll find the link in your Edmodo group to… Leer Más →

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