“Helping the Environment” Video

  Hi Kids ! We want to share with you the video that we recorded when we finished the project “Helping the Environment” We hope you enjoy it and share it with your family and friends ! 🙂 Miss Jime… Leer Más →

What’s your electric personality?

Hello kids ! We have a challenge for you to do at home: discover what your electric personality is and share your results in the comments ! 🙂 Follow this link and answer the questions, good luck ! What is… Leer Más →

We are scientists!

Last week we worked like real scientists! We worked with unknown objects and, based on observation and deep analysis, we made hypothesis. What is it? What is it for? How does it work? This week we’ll test our hypothesis and… Leer Más →

Renewable Energy and Clean Electricity

Hello ! This week we kept on working on different types of “Renewable Energy”: Hydro Energy, Solar Energy, Wind Energy and Geothermal Energy. After the investigations we did, we discovered that all these Energies are produced with “renewable resources”, they… Leer Más →

What we have been doing

Estimadas Famiias, Hace algunas semanas comenzamos a trabajar en nuestro primer proyecto “HELPING THE ENVIRONMENT”. Comenzamos leyendo la historia “When Charlie Mc.Button lost power”, acerca de un niño al que un día se le corta la luz en su casa…. Leer Más →

Renewable Energies: Investigation!

Hello kids! We are starting our first investigation of the project HELPING THE ENVIRONMENT. It is about Renewable sources of energy. You will be working in groups. Each group will be given one type of energy: Solar energy, Wind energy,… Leer Más →

What YOU can do!!

Comics are effective tools for communicating ideas. Read these comics and share them with your family. Let’s make the goals famous!!

17 Sustainable Goals.

In 2015 The United Nations launched The Global Goals for Sustainable Development, a series of ambitious targets to end extreme poverty, fight inequality and injustice and fix climate change for everyone by 2030. If the Goals are met, they ensure… Leer Más →

Charlie Mc.Button lost power!

Hi kids!! We’ve started working on our new peoject: HELPING THE ENVIRONMENT. Let’s read this funny story about a boy who lost power at home! How did he feel? In your opinion, what does it mean to “lose power” in… Leer Más →

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