The Tudor Monarchs: Investigation

We are starting our second investigation in this project. Last time, we investigated about Life in Tudor Times, and now we are doing research about Tudor Monarchs. For this, we will work in groups as well, and we will present… Leer Más →

Investigation: Life in Tudor Times

Let’s discover more about how people used to live in Tudor times! We’ll work in small groups. Each group will be assigned a topic to investigate from this website. Follow these steps:  1- Read silently and take down notes about… Leer Más →

Alien Travel Agency Week 3: Solar System Presentations

Our Investigation about The Solar System is coming to an end! Here are our presentations: enjoy them! 😀  

Alien Travel Agency: Week 1

Time to start! To begin our exploration of the Outer Space, we’ll focus first on our location in the Universe: -Where are we? What’s the name of our Planet?  -Is our planet alone out there? Are there other planets around… Leer Más →

#globalrj Week 3: Adaptations and their characteristics

We are comparing some adaptations and the original text of Romeo and Juliet. As you can see, we have been working really hard, and we know a lot!

5th Blue has also worked very hard in their second investigation of our Time Machine project, about Tudor Monarchs. Here you can see some photos 🙂

5th Green has worked very hard in their investigation on the Tudor Monarchs  and here are some pictures of their work. Congratulations!  

The Time Machine: The Tudors!

In this new Project we are learning about a very important family in British history: The Tudors! We have started this project with some very interesting research. We investigated about different topics connected to life in Tudor times and we… Leer Más →

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