New Project

Shakespeare’s Globe !

  Hi kids ! This week we have been learning a lot about Shakespeare and The Globe! We share you the link to The Shakespeare’s Globe Playground so you can keep on learning while playing some games ! Have fun… Leer Más →

New Project: The not Perfect Hat Club!!

We are starting a new project this week! This project is called “The Not Perfect Hat Club”. In this project we’ll read a novel that is called the same, by author Jena Ball. We will discuss a lot of topics,… Leer Más →

New Project: The Tudors and Shakespeare

We are starting a new project that is called The Time Machine: The Tudors and Shakespeare. In this exciting project, we’ll learn about a very important family in British history: The Tudors. And in the second part of our project, we’ll… Leer Más →

Get ready for the new project…

In a few weeks we are starting our “Not Perfect Hat Club” project. Look at the picture: what do you think the story will be about? Tell us your ideas in the comments 😉  

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