Home Connection 3

Follow the link and tell us: Pets! Can you share something about pets? Have you got a pet? How does it behave? Which things make it special for you? You don’t have one? Why not? Would you like to have… Leer Más →

Waiting for your responses in Flipgrid!

Hi Kids! We invite you to follow the link and give us your opinions. Remember to share it with your family and invite them to participate too! Read the questions carefully and follow the instructions to record your responses. FLIPGRID… Leer Más →

New Project: The not Perfect Hat Club!!

We are starting a new project this week! This project is called “The Not Perfect Hat Club”. In this project we’ll read a novel that is called the same, by author Jena Ball. We will discuss a lot of topics,… Leer Más →

NPHC: Jena’s visit was a success!

On Tuesday we received the much awaited visit from Jena Ball, author and illustrator of The Not Perfect Hat Club! We asked and answered questions, we learnt how to draw Newton, and we discussed some really interesting ideas and reflections… Leer Más →

NPHC: Flipgrid discussions

Here are the different Flipgrid discussions that we have had about the Not Perfect Hat Club. Enjoy! 🙂  

NPHC: Getting ready for Jena’s visit!

Jena’s visiting us next week! We’ve been very busy… and we’re finally ready! These are the questions we would like to ask her: Are you similar to Miss Jenaia? How long did you take to write the novel? How did… Leer Más →

NPHC: We’re about to finish!

This week, we’re reading the final two chapters and epilogue of the novel “The Not Perfect Hat Club” by Jena Ball. In chapter 13, we’ll reflect about winning and losing, feelings involved in those processes, and the attitudes towards other… Leer Más →

NPHC: Our Not Perfect Songs!

In chapter 12, Kylee and Jabber came up with their own song for the Not Perfect Hat Club team. Now, we’re going to work in groups to make our own versions of that song! We’ll create the music and add… Leer Más →

Be part of The Not Perfect Team!

After reading Chapter 10, we agreed on a good definition of “Not Perfect” and we thought of all the concepts that are connected to this idea. Having this in mind, design your own uniforms (t-shirts and caps) for The Not… Leer Más →

NPHC: Good Sportsmanship

After reading chapter 10, we’ll work on several topics: We’ll go back to our initial questions about Perfection/ Imperfection and Tolerance to see what new ideas this chapter gives us. We’ll analyse the phrase “Practice makes perfect” and the opposite… Leer Más →

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