References to Shakespeare in Gnomeo and Juliet

After watching the film Gnomeo and Juliet, pay attention to these really interesting details that reference Shakespeare’s works in it: Look closely at the address where the two families live. Verona Drive of course refers to the City of Verona. And… Leer Más →

5th Green’s Open Class 2017

Welcome to our open class. Let’s watch this video to introduce the topic for today’s class: Presentation Now, let’s get started. Good Luck!

Romeo and Juliet: Analysis of Adaptations

Let’s compare and contrast the characteristics of some adaptations of this classic play! First, we watched a video summary of the play by the British Council. (Click here to go to the previous post about it). Now, take a look… Leer Más →

Getting started with Romeo and Juliet

In this part of the Project, we will work specifically on the play Romeo and Juliet, and the concept of adaptation. To start, let’s watch a video by the Brisith Council on a summary of Romeo and Juliet. You can click on… Leer Más →

Exploring Shakespeare’s Globe

Let’s watch an interactive video about Shakespeare’s Globe! It’s so much fun 😉 After watching, we’ll discuss some interesting facts that we discovered, and compare The Globe with modern theatres. Click here to access the official website and play some… Leer Más →

Cards: The Time Machine – Shakespeare & Romeo and Juliet

Here is the second set of cards for this Project. You can download and print them if you want. 🙂 Click here to find the new cards about William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet and Literary Devices.    

William Shakespeare’s life

Today we worked with a video about William Shakespeare’s life, from the British Council’s website. We discussed the most important information, we made connections with the Project, and we reflected about a big question: Why do we read Shakespeare’s plays… Leer Más →

New Project: The Tudors and Shakespeare

We are starting a new project that is called The Time Machine: The Tudors and Shakespeare. In this exciting project, we’ll learn about a very important family in British history: The Tudors. And in the second part of our project, we’ll… Leer Más →

#globalrj Week 2: A Timeline about Shakespeare’s life

Here is a digital timeline we made about Shakespeare’s life, using a tool called HSTRY. We’ll share it with other classes and try to collaborate with them to make it more interesting and complete!    

#globalrj Week 1: Shakespeare

Romeo and Juliet Around the World has already started!! Some weekly updates: -We are doing some research about Shakespeare in groups. We are also working on Shakespeare’s timeline. -We can see our classes in the #globalrj blog! We can also learn… Leer Más →

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