Christmas Songs!

Next week we are having our Christmas Assembly. These are the songs we are going to sing all together with the rest of the school. Enjoy!  

Christmas Assembly 2017

This year we’ll sing a super catchy song by Mariah Carey and Justin Bieber! It is called “All I want for Christmas is you”.  Also, some students will share the songs they prepared for the Music Gala!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle by Jack Johnson

A great song to remember our 3Rs! 😉  

So many colours in the rainbow…

Hi kids! Here’s the song we listened to in class and you liked so much 🙂  

NPHC: Our Not Perfect Songs!

In chapter 12, Kylee and Jabber came up with their own song for the Not Perfect Hat Club team. Now, we’re going to work in groups to make our own versions of that song! We’ll create the music and add… Leer Más →

A Song: With my own two hands, by Jack Johnson

Let’s listen to a song connected both to Environmental Management and Helping Hands. First, listen to the song once. Take down notes about what you understand. Second, listen again while you read the lyrics. What are the main messages of… Leer Más →

Children need a helping hand

We are going to listen to this song about children who need help. Before listening, think: Why do children need help? What kind of problems do they have? Are they the same in Argentina and in the rest of the… Leer Más →

Christmas Assembly!

This year we’ll prepare some nice songs for our Christmas Assembly! Take a look and sing along 😉 Rockin’ around the Chirstmas Tree / Jingle Bell Rock All I want for Christmas is you – version by Mariah Carey &… Leer Más →

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