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Important! Checking students’ blogs

Hi kids! We’ve been working on lots of productions, and we’ve been uploading them to the Students’ blogs. So… it’s time to check if everything is there!   These are the entries you should have: Helping Hands: -A comic strip:… Leer Más →

Arrancamos con los Blogs!!

Comenzamos a crear nuestros propios Blogs. Hemos aprendido que son, para que se usan, como debemos generar nuestros post, que tipografía usar, cuales son las recomendaciones más importantes a considerar antes de publicar. La definición que hemos logrado entre todos… Leer Más →

Students’ Blogs: “Our Favourite Activities This Year”

We’re going to select our favourite activities of the year to share them in your personal blogs! For this new post, follow these instructions: Use tags in our Class Blog to find some of the activities we made in each project…. Leer Más →

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