Time to share more timelines!

We’ve been working with Timetoast to make timelines abour Tudor Monarchs. Follow the links to look at the results: Fran Th, and Santino click here Fran Sarno, Mateo and Tiziano Click here Vicente, Jorge and Lucía Click here Fran Fayanás, Agustín and Marcos Click… Leer Más →

Let’s share our digital timelines!

Have a look at your timelines for the Tudor period 😉 Click on the pictures and links to access the different timelines. Nicole’s timeline: click here. Valentina’s timeline: click here.  Joaquín B.’s timeline: click here.  Ornella’s timeline: click here.  Juan… Leer Más →

Digital Timelines

As we already know, the Tudor family ruled over England for a very long period. We`ve already located this period in time and place. Now, can you make a digital timeline so that we can focus on the Kings and… Leer Más →

#globalrj Week 2: A Timeline about Shakespeare’s life

Here is a digital timeline we made about Shakespeare’s life, using a tool called HSTRY. We’ll share it with other classes and try to collaborate with them to make it more interesting and complete!    

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