Presentation on Tudor Life.

Students have been working really hard on their presentations about Tudor life and their products were amazing! Here we have some pictures to share their work!

Presentations: Life in Tudor Times & Tudor Monarchs -By 5th Blue

Look at some pictures of the great presentations you made! Congratulations! 😀 Click here to see your work on Life in Tudor Times. Click here to see your work on Tudor Monarchs.  

Vitraux in Tudor times and a very interesting art work!

Hi kids! As you already know, this week we’ll be having a really nice visitor in our class! We are going to make a vitraux inspired in those from the Tudor period with the help of Flor Barletta!! That’s why,… Leer Más →

The Tudors’ Family History: A Funny Video!

After doing our two investigations about Life in Tudor Times and Tudor Monarchs, we have been reading and discussing a lot about this family and everything that makes them so interesting… Today we watched a really funny video with a… Leer Más →

The Tudor Monarchs: Investigation

We are starting our second investigation in this project. Last time, we investigated about Life in Tudor Times, and now we are doing research about Tudor Monarchs. For this, we will work in groups as well, and we will present… Leer Más →

Time to share more timelines!

We’ve been working with Timetoast to make timelines abour Tudor Monarchs. Follow the links to look at the results: Fran Th, and Santino click here Fran Sarno, Mateo and Tiziano Click here Vicente, Jorge and Lucía Click here Fran Fayanás, Agustín and Marcos Click… Leer Más →

Let’s share our digital timelines!

Have a look at your timelines for the Tudor period 😉 Click on the pictures and links to access the different timelines. Nicole’s timeline: click here. Valentina’s timeline: click here.  Joaquín B.’s timeline: click here.  Ornella’s timeline: click here.  Juan… Leer Más →

Digital Timelines

As we already know, the Tudor family ruled over England for a very long period. We`ve already located this period in time and place. Now, can you make a digital timeline so that we can focus on the Kings and… Leer Más →

The Tudors: An introduction

In this new Project called The Time Machine we are going to learn about a very important family in British history: The Tudors! We’ll start this project by locating The Tudors in time and place. First, take a look at the map… Leer Más →

New Project: The Tudors and Shakespeare

We are starting a new project that is called The Time Machine: The Tudors and Shakespeare. In this exciting project, we’ll learn about a very important family in British history: The Tudors. And in the second part of our project, we’ll… Leer Más →

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