NPHC: Chapter 5 Vocabulary

To continue working with vocabulary, click here to edit the Padlet wall on Chapter 5. Below you can see the finished wall:    

NPHC Chapter 4: Vocabulary

Here is the Vocabulary Padlet about chapter 4: click here to edit it. Below you can see the final mural:  

NPHC Chapter 3: Vocabulary

Here is our new Vocabulary Padlet for chapter 3: click here to edit. Once it’s finished, you can see the final result below:  

NPHC Chapter 2: Vocabulary

After reading chapter 2, we also need to revise some of the new vocabulary. Follow this link to find the mural with the definitions and add some pictures to help you remember them: Padlet. Once it’s finished, you can use… Leer Más →

NPHC Chapter 1: Vocabulary

Hi kids! Using Padlet, we’ll make a list of new words in Chapter 1 and their definitions, and we’ll add pictures to make the ideas clearer. Working in pairs, you’ll each take one word/ phrase and add a suitable picture… Leer Más →

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