Anabela S Gentile

Planet Pluto!

Why isn’t Pluto a planet anymore? After watching the video, open your booklet, read the information you have there and solve the activities

Planet Uranus!

Let’s sing along!

Planet Saturn!

Watch this video and learn more about this beautiful planet and its rings!

The Solar System

Watch the video and learn more about the Rocky Planets and the Gas Giants.  

Let’s learn about the sun!

Watch the video and learn more about this big star!

Planet Earth

We’ve been talking a lot about our planet. Now it’s time to play! Let’s sing along! What can you do to help our planet?   Can you solve this puzzle? Let’s see how fast you can type the words you… Leer Más →

Cooking time!

After working for some time with food and recipes  we’ve decided to have our own cooking day! We really enjoyed making torta fritas!!    

Final task!

Once upon a time, there was a group of kids really engaged with a project that their teachers proposed. Those kids learnt about continents, countries, flags, food, animals and clothes. Not only that, but they also had hangouts with people… Leer Más →

Peparing our final task!

We had lots of fun preparing our final task. We were dressed as artists and created beautiful material that we shared with our little friends.

This is a great game to play and revise the items of clothing. Let’s give it a try…      

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