Planet Earth

We’ve been talking a lot about our planet. Now it’s time to play! Let’s sing along! What can you do to help our planet?   Can you solve this puzzle? Let’s see how fast you can type the words you… Leer Más →

Computing Lab: From outer space to the ground!

Let’s have a ride!! We will have a look at the whole world!!!!  

Computing Lab: Landmarks

Landmarks are famous places in a town or in a country. For example, In Argentina, our famous landmark is the Obelisco… Let’s play with these landmarks from all over the world!  

It’s Blending Time!

Do you remember how to blend? Remember that we separate the sounds of a word when we blend… For example: C-A-T to say “cat”… Let’s click on this picture for further blending practise!

English Sounds

These are the sounds we have in English. Do you remember them? Look at the chart and try to say them or sing the song (if you remember it)! You can click on the picture and you’ll have a video… Leer Más →

Books For Home Reading

Here you will find four different books you can read when your teacher asks you to do it! Click on the picture below and read the one you haven’t read yet and some activities will be waiting for you in… Leer Más →

Cooking time!

After working for some time with food and recipes  we’ve decided to have our own cooking day! We really enjoyed making torta fritas!!    

Final task!

Once upon a time, there was a group of kids really engaged with a project that their teachers proposed. Those kids learnt about continents, countries, flags, food, animals and clothes. Not only that, but they also had hangouts with people… Leer Más →

Peparing our final task!

We had lots of fun preparing our final task. We were dressed as artists and created beautiful material that we shared with our little friends.

Computing Lab: Parts of a house

We are learning parts of a house! So, let’s play some games to revise them!   Finally, have some fun playing with Srah and Duck in different rooms from the house!

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