Every day actions!

What do you do every day?  

Hello to all the children in the world!

 Where are you from? Have a look at these children… Where are they from? Do they all speak English?  

Around the world

We have done many things…

Look how many things we have worked on in our project Healthy kids, Happy kids, 2018!  Follow us on twitter #hhkids18    

Fruit Salad story

Listen to the story and complete the quiz.  


Let’s enjoy this story! Do you like peas?  

Let’s practise the sounds!


Let’s practise reading!

Let’s read and follow these stories!    

Yummy Yummy!!

We learn some vocabulary Let’s match! Let’s spell! Play a hangman! Choose the right option A quiz!   Healthy vs Unhealthy food   What is on your Plate?  

Food Poem

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