Project Work

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Let’s sing the song!!!!


Today, we are going to start working with these great people that lived in our world many years ago. First, let’s sing!!! Now, let’s create our own character! And finally, let’s listen to a story!

Our new planets!

In our project “Into Space” we learned a lot about our Solar System. One of the activities we did in the computing lab was to CREATE A NEW PLANET!   Activity 1: In this site we created the planet Activity… Leer Más →

Lost in Space

Let’s put all the planets in their orbits! – First, you have to change the background. – Then, you have to add background music and sound effects. – After that, you have to program all the planets to orbit and… Leer Más →

Time to revise and create!!!

Let’s revise a bit!   Now, let’s create our own solar system!!  

We miss Pluto!

Pluto is no longer considered a planet, but a dwarf planet. Here we are a song about how we miss it!

Planet Pluto!

Why isn’t Pluto a planet anymore? After watching the video, open your booklet, read the information you have there and solve the activities

Planet Neptune!

Let’s learn about the BLUE PLANET! Now, let’s try to answer… How many moons has it got? How many rings has it got? Why is it blue??

Planet Uranus!

Let’s sing along!

Planet Saturn!

Watch this video and learn more about this beautiful planet and its rings!

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