Lost in Space

Time to revise and create!!!

Let’s revise a bit!   Now, let’s create our own solar system!!  

We miss Pluto!

Pluto is no longer considered a planet, but a dwarf planet. Here we are a song about how we miss it!

Planet Neptune!

Let’s learn about the BLUE PLANET! Now, let’s try to answer… How many moons has it got? How many rings has it got? Why is it blue??

Planet Jupiter!

Let’s learn about this GIANT PLANET! Now, let’s try to answer… Is Jupiter a big planet? Is it bigger than an elephant? Is it bigger than planet Earth?

Planet Mars!

Mars, the red planet! Meet him through this song! Now, after watching the video, read the extract from the booklet and answer these questions 1_ Mars is the third planet from the sun. 2_Mars is made of a hard rocky… Leer Más →

Planet Venus!

The Hot Planet!! Let’s meet Venus and after watching, try to answer this question… Why is Venus so hot??

Planet Mercury!

What do you know about Mercury? Let’s learn about it! Now, after you watch the video, let’s read the text you have in the booklet and with all the information you know now, answer the following questions: 1_Is Mercury the… Leer Más →

Computing Lab: From outer space to the ground!

Let’s have a ride!! We will have a look at the whole world!!!!  

Computing Lab: Landmarks

Landmarks are famous places in a town or in a country. For example, In Argentina, our famous landmark is the Obelisco… Let’s play with these landmarks from all over the world!  

Computing Lab: Parts of a house

We are learning parts of a house! So, let’s play some games to revise them!   Finally, have some fun playing with Srah and Duck in different rooms from the house!

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