Both pictures show the area of Manchester, a city that developed radically during the Industrial Revolution. Look at these pictures and answer these questions:

  • Which of the two paintings look more natural?
  • Which sky is bluer?
  • Which of the two areas is more polluted?,_Salford_-_1820.jpg

SEBASTIAN PETHER “View from Kersal Moor” dated 1820

WILLIAM WYLD (1806-89) “Manchester from Kersal Moor” dated 1852

Look now at the 3rd picture which humorously depicts London.

  • Which of the three pictures shows the most natural landscape?
  • Which picture looks more urbanized?

HENRY THOMAS “The Progress of Steam – A View in Regent Park” dated 1831.

Use a Venn Diagram to write down characteristics of each picture. Then compare them.