Project Work

Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens

We are going to read a story set during the Industrial Revolution. First of all we will learn about its writer. Afterwards, we will watch the film “Oliver Twist”. How is Dicken’s life portrayed in the story? How does the… Leer Más →

Industrial Revolution

Both pictures show the area of Manchester, a city that developed radically during the Industrial Revolution. Look at these pictures and answer these questions: Which of the two paintings look more natural? Which sky is bluer? Which of the two… Leer Más →

Innovation Project

Sustainable Cities: What characteristics are mentioned in the video? How can cities become more sustainable in relation to each of these issues? transport, energy, nature, food, waste. Think about Adrogué and give examples. Then, in five groups you will think… Leer Más →

Innovation Project

What is innovation? Can you define innovation? Every innovation may come with benefits, unexpected side effects and drawbacks. Can you give some examples of innovation? Try to imagine the world/your house/a classroom in 2030? Are there any innovation which are not… Leer Más →

The World’s Largest Lesson

We will plunge into the World’ largest lesson to learn about Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Watch this first video and discover wow can we take part in it to help in the fight to end poverty, inequality and climate change… Leer Más →

Emotions and reactions

Look at the pictures and describe the facial characteristics you can notice for each emotion. Let’s talk about emotions: Which film did you watch recently? How did it make you feel? Where did you feel it in your body? What… Leer Más →

My shoes, your shoes

Visit India and More…

This is the presentation students created with the information gathered in the open class. And this is the surprise I prepared for you to enjoy our year!

Visit India – Open Class 6th Green

Objective: to learn about aspects of another culture in order to create a package tour holidays. Success Criteria: All students will take an active role to share his/her knowledge about the cultural aspects from the other country. Some students will… Leer Más →

Open Class – 6th Green

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