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Some Facts about India

What would you like to know about India? Here you’ll find some questions, what else would you ask? Use this webpage to ask questions and find answers!

New Project: India

What do you know about India? Let’s take a trip to this wonderful place!  

Queen Victoria

Look at these pictures, they all belong to Queen Victoria at different times during her life and reign. What can you say about her? Let’s play a game! In groups of 4 students browse the following pages Webpage 1 Webpage… Leer Más →

Victorian Times

Let’s learn a bit about Victorian Times. Have a look at the introduction to the world of Victorian England and think of key words. How can we summarize this information? How do we connect those selected ke words? Look at the headlines in… Leer Más →

Response Activity # 2: Recommended Books

We read our second book at home as part of our reading programme. We created these videos to recommend them. We became booktubers! Be careful, they contain spoliers!

Global Cooking: New year around the world

New Year’s Eve is a day to celebrate the end of the year gone by and welcome the New Year. People reflect on the events that took place in their lives in the past 12 months and at the same… Leer Más →

Global Cooking: Traditional Celebrations

Global Calendar Each class in this global project selected a National Celebration, we madea presentation telling the rest of the classes what the celebration is about, how it is celebrated and what food they eat. Each class pinned the ppt or… Leer Más →

Global cooking global fun

Hello Kids! We have already met new friends from other parts of the world. Soon we will be writing our own comments and reflections. You will learn many things about food traditions and how people celebrate special dates. Are you… Leer Más →

Literary Circle #1

Watch and listen to the following story, and be ready to be involved in the first literary circle of the year! Roles: Word Wizard: your job is to look for special or unknown words in the text. Discussion Director: your… Leer Más →


How would you define “empathy”? Watch these two videos and spot the feelings each characters show. Watch the videos again and spot what each have in common. Now, let’s put ourselves into these characters’ shoes. What would you ask them?

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