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Plants adapt to the biome.

Plants need to adapt to be able to survive in a specific area. Each biome has its own characteristics in relation to soil, flora, flauna, temperature and rainfall. Let´s learn a bit about each BIOME.


Date: Tuesday, September 4th Time: 1:20-2:40 Book Read: Seriously, Snow White Was So Forgetful! Read it in MyOn!

Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens

We are going to read a story set during the Industrial Revolution. First of all we will learn about its writer. Afterwards, we will watch the film “Oliver Twist”. How is Dicken’s life portrayed in the story? How does the… Leer Más →

Key Practice

We are sharing some links with you so that you can practise at home! Click on this image to access the vocabulary list Use this document as a guide to study PREPOSITIONS Webpage 1  Webpage 2 Webpage 3 Webpage 4… Leer Más →

Industrial Revolution

Both pictures show the area of Manchester, a city that developed radically during the Industrial Revolution. Look at these pictures and answer these questions: Which of the two paintings look more natural? Which sky is bluer? Which of the two… Leer Más →


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Plants are producers. How is it that plants produce their own food? Which of the following words sound familiar? Can you explain what they are? Water- carbon dioxide- oxygen- sunlight- chlorophyll- chloroplast- Stomata- Glucose Watch the video that explains this… Leer Más →

KET – Speaking Component

Watch this speaking KET video and try to spot the following: – How many parts are there in the exam? – What do they consist of? – What do we need to practice? – What type of questions does the… Leer Más →

¡Deseamos que tengan unas lindas vacaciones de invierno!! Descasen, paseen y repongan fuerzas. ¡Nos vemos al regreso para seguir trabajando con mucho entusiasmo todo lo que tenemos pensado para ustedes!

Acto del 9 de Julio

En el día de ayer los alumnos de 6° tuvieron a cargo el acto del 9 de julio: ¡¡salió hermoso!! ¡Gracias a todas las familias por el esfuerzo que siempre hacen para que todo salga bien! ¡Gracias a los chicos… Leer Más →

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