Introducing Environmental Management

What do you think you are going to study in this subject? Find the words in the dictionary and create your own definition of the concept. Environment: everything that surrounds us. Environmental management: the relationship between human activity and the… Leer Más →

Learning about Plants II

How do plants eat? Look at a picture and listen to the Photosynthesis song in order to work out the process and explain it. This is another example of a rap which explains the same process. Use a familiar song or tune… Leer Más →

Visit India and More…

This is the presentation students created with the information gathered in the open class. And this is the surprise I prepared for you to enjoy our year!

Visit India – Open Class 6th Green

Objective: to learn about aspects of another culture in order to create a package tour holidays. Success Criteria: All students will take an active role to share his/her knowledge about the cultural aspects from the other country. Some students will… Leer Más →

Learning about Plants

Think and share! * Where Do Plants Come From? * What general conditions do plants need to grow well? * What parts of the plant do you recognize? Choose your favourite plant, google and image and name its parts! Read… Leer Más →

Open Class – 6th Green

How Ganesh got his elephant head

Let’s listen to this version of the story and compare it with the one we read!

Some Facts about India

What would you like to know about India? Here you’ll find some questions, what else would you ask? Use this webpage to ask questions and find answers!

New Project: India

What do you know about India? Let’s take a trip to this wonderful place!  

Queen Victoria

Look at these pictures, they all belong to Queen Victoria at different times during her life and reign. What can you say about her? Let’s play a game! In groups of 4 students browse the following pages Webpage 1 Webpage… Leer Más →

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