Sopa de Letra interactiva

Educaplay es una herramienta multimedia que permite crear actividades educativas. A modo de una herramienta de autor, el programa permite realizar mapas, adivinanzas, crucigramas, diálogos, dictados, sopa de letras, test, ordenamientos, etc. En esta ocasión nos enfocaremos a realizar una… Leer Más →

6th. form X-mas song

This is the last song you will be preparing for the Christmas assembly! Enjoy it and do you best to experience a wonderful moment!! Do you like it??

Christmas Assembly

Kids! Once again we are holding a Christmas assembly for which we must get ready!!! These are the two songs we will be singing together with the other forms! Right below, you will also find the lyrics……. Christmas_songs_lyrics Enjoy them!!… Leer Más →

El Deseo de Volar Informatizado!!

El proyecto “El Deseo de Volar” nos permitió realizar varios desafios!! El primero de ellos fue realizar un juego en Scratch. Éste debía cumplir con varias premisas!! una de ellas era incluir información sobre Da Vinci y su máquina de volar…. Leer Más →

Queen Victoria

Look at these pictures, they all belong to Queen Victoria at different times during her life and reign. What can you say about her? Let’s play a game! In groups of 4 students browse the following pages Webpage 1 Webpage… Leer Más →


We are always eager to dress up and celebrate Halloween, but do we really know The origins of this traditional celebration? Get in groups and read one of the related topics. Prepare a brief, though clear exposition to let others… Leer Más →

SDGs Spread the Word Day

6th form Students talked to parents about the SDG’s. Students told them what we are doing to support goal #11 Sustainable cities and communities. This is the presentation we shared, following a PetchaKutcha style. 6th Blue 6th Green   Enjoy… Leer Más →

Plants adapt to the biome.

Plants need to adapt to be able to survive in a specific area. Each biome has its own characteristics in relation to soil, flora, flauna, temperature and rainfall. Let´s learn a bit about each BIOME.   http://www.mbgnet.net/bioplants/adapt.html

Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens

We are going to read a story set during the Industrial Revolution. First of all we will learn about its writer. Afterwards, we will watch the film “Oliver Twist”. How is Dicken’s life portrayed in the story? How does the… Leer Más →

Key Practice

We are sharing some links with you so that you can practise at home! Click on this image to access the vocabulary list Use this document as a guide to study PREPOSITIONS Webpage 1  Webpage 2 Webpage 3 Webpage 4… Leer Más →

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