Nutrient Cycle

After watching the video on Food chains You have to prepare in google doc presentations, a document with a selfie + each of the components of the cycle Wow!!!!!! A selfie with tertiary consumer! Share your productions!   Bonus Track:… Leer Más →

Habitat & Niche

Living organisms live in different places; places they choose, places they know, convenient places to suit needs such as food, shelter, protection and mates. Living organisms do different things to adapt. We invite you to watch the following video to… Leer Más →

Environmental management

What`s the difference between an organism and a population? Learn about important concepts necessary in an ecosystem. Be ready to explain each of them!

Introducing Environmental Management

What do you think you are going to study in this subject? Find the words in the dictionary and create your own definition of the concept. Environment: everything that surrounds us. Environmental management: the relationship between human activity and the… Leer Más →

Learning about Plants II

How do plants eat? Look at a picture and listen to the Photosynthesis song in order to work out the process and explain it. This is another example of a rap which explains the same process. Use a familiar song or tune… Leer Más →

Learning about Plants

Think and share! * Where Do Plants Come From? * What general conditions do plants need to grow well? * What parts of the plant do you recognize? Choose your favourite plant, google and image and name its parts! Read… Leer Más →

Summarizing Biomes

Let’s create a collaborative chart in which we include details about the biomes we investigated. Go back to your presentations to get information. Be careful not to delete what others are writing! 6th Blue 6th Green  

Biomes in the world

What is an Ecosystem? What is a biome? Class 1 Go over the definition of Ecosystem. think of key words. We read the definition given in the page http://www.ducksters.com/science/ecosystems/world_biomes.php Define what a biome is. Brainstorming. Read information given in the… Leer Más →

Main types of habitat loss

Read about different types of habitat loss. http://www.everythingconnects.org/main-types-of-habitat-loss.html Sts create an infography which shows Destruction, degradation and fragmentation.

Destruction and fragmentation of habitats

Do you remember what a “Habitat” is? How can you connect these words: Habitat and Humans. Watch the following video that shows Human activity and consequences of our actions. After watching the video, we mention different ways in which we… Leer Más →

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