Global Cooking-Global Fun

Global Cooking: New year around the world

New Year’s Eve is a day to celebrate the end of the year gone by and welcome the New Year. People reflect on the events that took place in their lives in the past 12 months and at the same… Leer Más →

Global Cooking: Traditional Celebrations

Global Calendar Each class in this global project selected a National Celebration, we madea presentation telling the rest of the classes what the celebration is about, how it is celebrated and what food they eat. Each class pinned the ppt or… Leer Más →

Local cooking-Local fun

  After a week of intense work we had a delicious reward. Now it is time to share with the world. Following week we will be editing videos to create our own tutorials.

A traditional food

This is one of the presentations students prepared in groups. Our objective? share this tasty product with the rest of the world Done by: Agustina Maggio, Ramiro Silva, Mateo Carballal, Delfina F. Gonzalez & Tomás Brizuela & Benjamín Morer.

Argentinian empanadas

After doing some research we could finally write our recipe. Have a look and give it a try! Delicious!

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