my shoes your shoes


How would you define “empathy”? Watch these two videos and spot the feelings each characters show. Watch the videos again and spot what each have in common. Now, let’s put ourselves into these characters’ shoes. What would you ask them?


What is “mindset”? Watch the following video and think of a definition. Watch it again and think of questions this video triggered.   Let’s define a Fixed mindset and a Growth mindset. How can we turn a fixed mindset into a growth… Leer Más →

Film Session: Inside Out

We are going to watch the film “Inside out” in order to learn what goes on inside our minds when our primary emotions occur. Each of you will concentrate on one emotion and you will have to detect the following… Leer Más →

My Shoes, your shoes

We are going to read a story written by Paul Jennings. It is called “Ex Poser”   Before Reading: Let’s play with different interpretations of the word. What does it mean?   While Reading: Now, read the story. (You can download… Leer Más →

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