We enter the fascinating world of dinosaurs!!!
In this project, we had tons of fun and became paleontologists for a while. What an amazing adventure!

We recreate different types of dinosaurs using a stamp technic!

 We created different solution strategies to build the skeleton of the dinosaurs.

Problem: Build up the skeleton of a dinosaur


– Model of the dinosaur.
– different bones


– Stamps
– Ink
– White paper

Possible Solution:

a) We should begin by the feet and legs because it holds the body, then by the chest, head and tail.

b) We should start by the chest because it´s in the middle of the body, then by the head; legs, feet and tail.

c) We should begin by the tail because it keeps the dinosaur balanced, then by the chest, head; legs and feet.


Paleontologists study the bones and parts of dinosaurs’ body that were buried in the ground millions of years ago. Let’s pretend to be scientists.