The Circus is coming to Newlands!

Our Circus show is coming to school! Tickets ready! Games ready! Costumes ready! Kids ready and excited! We will invite 1st and 2nd to have a wonderful time with us… NEXT WEEK… PLAYGROUND….GAMES….FUN!  

Garbage Recycling Machine

Proyecto escolar en inglés: Objetivos de desarrollo sostenible Salud y bienestar. Agua limpia y saneamiento. Acción por el clima. Desde el área de TIC trabajamos el tema programando un algoritmo para clasificar la basura. Si fuéramos una máquina, ¿cómo seria… Leer Más →

Meet the Circus

Click on the images and practise with all your senses activated! Check the comments and leave your opinion! Site: Learn English Kids – British Council Site: Starfall Site: BBC

We can classify rubbish

Click on the objects and drag them to the right bin!    

Bed in Summer

Bed in Summer

Verse Competition

Clean and Green

How green are you? Let´s work together and find out

Focus on Weather! Climate fever!

Let`s do the following activities from 1 to 13.  

Lava Lamps!

3rd Blue made lava lamps! They discovered some Science and Art behind this process. Congratulations! Leave some comments and tell us about your experience. Did you like this activity? Why?- Why Not?

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