Project Work

Dinosaurs are back !

First Activity: Paleontologists study the bones and parts of dinosaurs’ body that were buried in the ground millions of years ago. Let’s pretend to be scientists.

Creating Stories!

We read "Jack and the beanstalk" and now we can create our own stories!!!!

3rd. Green works

3rd. Blue works

We read “Jack and the beanstalk” and now we can create our own stories!!!! 3rd. Green works 3rd. Blue works

From seed to plant 2017

During this project we learnt how to germinate different seeds and many interesting facts about plants life cycle and their importance for our lives!! We would like to read your opinion about your experiences. Leave your comments and we will… Leer Más →

Meet the Circus !! 3rd Blue 2017

We have worked a lot learning about different characters and activities they usually do. Here we had lots of fun performing some of them !! Let´s watch the video below and you wil see!!

Adaptation in plants how do plants adapt to different climates?

Watch the video and learn about the different habitats!

Science fun!

Create conditions for a plant to grow! Go to the website and have fun!   Site: Science Kids      


We are scientists now and we are experimenting how plants grow.

Parts of a Plant.

Plants teach us important things and we are learning about them . Here we have a video that shows the most important parts and how they work. Watch the video and revise the parts and functions of the parts of… Leer Más →

Welcome to our circus

En esta actividad no solo nos convertimos en escritores, sino también en programadores,  ingenieros, diseñadores, artistas, bailarines y coreógrafos. Desarrollo de la actividad Creación del personaje: con envases de botellas de leche, cada alumno crea su personaje. Foto del personaje:… Leer Más →

Meet the Circus

Click on the images and practise with all your senses activated! Check the comments and leave your opinion!   Site: Learn English Kids – British Council     Site: Starfall  Site: BBC  

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