The Circus is coming to Newlands!

Our Circus show is coming to school! Tickets ready! Games ready! Costumes ready! Kids ready and excited! We will invite 1st and 2nd to have a wonderful time with us… NEXT WEEK… PLAYGROUND….GAMES….FUN!  

Meet the Circus

Click on the images and practise with all your senses activated! Check the comments and leave your opinion! Site: Learn English Kids – British Council Site: Starfall Site: BBC

Welcome to our circus

En esta actividad no solo nos convertimos en escritores, sino también en programadores,  ingenieros, diseñadores, artistas, bailarines y coreógrafos. Desarrollo de la actividad Creación del personaje: con envases de botellas de leche, cada alumno crea su personaje. Foto del personaje:… Leer Más →

Welcome to the Circus

Diagnosis: “The Circus” We enter the fantastic and magical world of the circus: we meet the characters, learn to describe their clothes and all the actions they do. We read stories and watch interesting videos. Miss Cele Activity 2: Programming and… Leer Más →

A Special Guest in our Class!

Look who was in our class last Friday… YES! MISS SILVIA!!! We danced!!!! We had tons of fun!!!!! And then kids worked with the netbook! A pleasure to have you in class, Miss Silvia!!!

When the circus comes to town

Task 1: Who’s who in the video clip? Memotest Let’s sing a song! Task 2: Let’s play some games! Game 1 Game 2 Task 3: Open the presentation and write about the different people at the circus: At the circus Goodbye… Leer Más →

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